Full name

Henrietta (Henny) Reed


Henrietta Gallienne Reed is an artist, graphic, fashion and interior designer.

Born Christchurch New Zealand, Henny grew up in Brisbane before moving to London for 10 years where she worked as a celebrated London Interior designer. It was during this time that she began to focus more seriously on painting. In 2001 Henny held her first exhibition at a central London showroom along with celebrity chef Gennaro Contaldo, mentor of Jamie Oliver, cooking on the opening night. Ten years later she continues to produce work that is colourful captivating and engaging.

Henrietta has several different styles, from almost photographic right through to bold and colourful illustrative work. She is a lover of colour, line, shape and peoples faces! Her passion for design is evident in all of her paintings. Since moving to Sydney Henrietta has focused on portraiture. Last year she exhibited at the Artisan Guild and Curiosity shop in Oxford Street Sydney with Italian photographer Edoardo Morina.

Henny really owes all of her skill to years of watching and studying her very talented mother paint.

Henrietta also produces stunning fabric designs for her fashion label, Rock Gallienne.