Ion's first sitting... this isn't going to be easy!!

First Sketch. Line on Paper

Transferring the sketch onto canvas

The first outline on canvas

Adding the base colours and perfecting the outline

Adding the bunny knitting lumps and facial proportions

More proportional work on the face and shadowing to the jumpsuit

What's a Kitchen used for? Cooking?! No! Painting of course!

Working on the detail

Both faces developed, Bottom jumpsuit lines added, more bunny head detail

Bunny head detail

Shoulder stripes added. Gav and Ion pose after a long sitting

Stripes complete and left hand, background and foreground added

Ion and I after a long sitting

Almost Finished except for a few finishing touches such as hair and the bunny feet and right ear

Head shape is ok but more detail is need to fix the hair

Blue flowers added to the feet, ears and heart

Hand with the start of the blue flowers to the heart and knitting detail

Hand needing more detail

Feet needing more shadowing


Art - Henny in action – Painting of ION

Picture of the painting process